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Kwekerij Plantloon delivers the best value plants across Europe throughout the entire season!

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We offer a wide range of mainly evergreen hedge plants, with a strong focus on quality, uniformity and sustainability. Suitable for specimen, block and hedge planting. We also guarantee fast and accurate deliveries, where applicable on site by our own transport service.

We deliver from Kaatsheuvel across Europe

Our plants are grown in our own nurseries, which cover a total surface area of more than 60 hectares. Kwekerij Plantloon, located in Kaatsheuvel (NL, North Brabant), offers a wide range of top-quality plants for delivery across Europe. Find out what we have to offer! Contact us via:

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Plantloonseweg 3
5171 RD Kaatsheuvel (Noord-Brabant)

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We supply plants throughout the entire season

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Providing quality and service is what drives us. Our flexible and dynamic team at Plantloon BV will ensure that your order is processed and delivered quickly and accurately. Kwekerij Plantloon BV specialises in the cultivation of box, yew, conifer and laurel plants.

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We lift our plants with skill, love and attention, and prepare your order for transport or bring it to the desired location.



M    : +31-(0)6-55154835      |       T     : if there is no answer +31-(0)416-339996      |       F     : +31-(0)416-348516     |       E     :